Delineate - raster to SVG converter


Delineate is a tool for converting raster images to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using AutoTrace or potrace. It loads images using JIU and displays results using Batik. Input formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNM, PBM, PGM, PPM, IFF, PCD, PSD, RAS.


Feb 16, 2005

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Apr 11, 2004

Delineate 0.5 re-released for Mac OS X

A new Mac OS X version of Delineate 0.5 is released; it has Delineate bundled together with potrace and Autotrace in a single Mac dmg file. This release also resolves the Mac off-screen display problem that occurred at a display resolution of 1024x768. Special thanks to my friend Antony who put the Mac bundle together!

Dec 28, 2003

Delineate 0.5 released

Users can now choose to convert to SVG with potrace instead of AutoTrace - potrace produces superior black and white SVG results compared to AutoTrace.

Increased number of supported raster input formats by using Java Imaging Utilities (JIU). Now support: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNM, PBM, PGM, PPM, IFF, PCD, PSD, RAS.

User is now prompted to select the location of the autotrace or potrace application file when running a conversion for the first time. In earlier releases an environment variable needed to be set.

Dec 7, 2003

SVG Project Inspiration

Use SVG as a medium to visually repurpose data to create your own interpretation of the world. SVG is perfect for dynamic media works combining text and graphics.

For creative inspiration check out: culture jamming at Adbusters; and sequential art with a message in Channel Zero by Brian Wood.

To obtain dynamic data for your SVG generation process, read tricks for Web scrapping in Spidering Hacks.

Nov 29, 2003

potrace - a new raster to SVG converter

potrace is a raster to vector converter for black on white images, similar to AutoTrace. It's algorithm produces very impressive images with the default settings. Like AutoTrace, potrace is a command line tool; I will be adding potrace support to Delineate in the near future.

SVG Plugin for jEdit released

Now my favorite programmer's text editor has a plugin for viewing SVG.

Nov 4, 2003

Delineate 0.4.2 released

Fixes bug that occurred when running group by color optimization in Windows.

Nov 2, 2003

Delineate 0.4.1 released

Optimized file size by not using style attribute in output SVG; instead use separate fill and stroke attributes. Reload image after doing 'group by color' optimization, so now you can see if this optimization results in bad layering of image paths in result SVG.

Oct 26, 2003

Delineate 0.4 released

Now Delineate produces optimized output that is better suited for rendering in the Sodipodi SVG editor and the Mozilla Web browser.

Delineate's gallery looking for user contributions

Oct 16, 2003

Delineate 0.3.1 released

Bug fix release.

Oct 12, 2003

Delineate 0.3 released

This release reduces output file sizes through the use of more concise SVG, improves handling of background color settings, and adds a few usability enhancements.

Sep 16, 2003

Delineate 0.2 released

New features include improved user functionality and status display.

Aug 25, 2003

Works on Mac OS X!

A participant on the AutoTrace list pointed out that Delineate works on Mac OS X, if you launch it from the terminal as described in the notes for installing/running under GNU/Linux.

Aug 23, 2003

Delineate 0.1 released


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How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity

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